Raw video resolution

Are there restrictions on the resolution of the raw video when sending via ZoomInstantSDKVideoSender? Seems like small-ish sizes fail silently (256x256, 512x512) but larger (640x480, 1K) seem to work fine.


Hi @brians, thanks for the post.

Can you please provide the platform you are integrating the Fully Customizable SDK on so that we can better assist you?


This is Swift on iOS.

Hey @brians,

Yes there are resolution restrictions depending on the network and device. To determine what resolution is supported/suggested you can implement the delegate method

  • (void)onPropertyChange:(NSArray *_Nonnull)supportCapabilityArray suggestCapability:(ZoomInstantSDKVideoCapability *_Nonnull)suggestCapability;

This will be triggered when there is a change detected and provides the current supported capabilities in supportCapabilityArray and the suggested video capability in suggestCapability.