Multiple cases where participants couldn't join Zoom meeting by using API-integrated website

Recently, we had a plethora of cases where participants in South Korea using mobile tablet devices (e.g., mobile tablet, Android OS, Chrome browser) failed to land on the meeting using our API-integrated website that automatically retrieves Zoom code that connects users to the Zoom meetings.

Here is the link to the meeting link provided by our engineer that rendered the participant unable to join, but rather, the participant’s browser closed immediately when attempting to join using the link:
Join a Meeting - Zoom

Please note that the users had no problem joining the meeting when using a mobile device instead of a mobile tablet (Android OS, Chrome browser) and when provided a specific Zoom code for the meeting.

Here are the details to one of the users who failed to join the meeting:

Zoom meeting ID: [REDACTED]
Start time: May 26, 2022 07:45 PM KST
User details:

  • Name: [REDACTED] (Live) (Guest)
  • User email: [REDACTED]
  • OS: Android 11, Chrome (

Our backend engineers have looked at the server feedback which follows:

“result”: true,
“data”: {
“zoomCode”: [REDACTED]
“zoomPassword”: null,
“zoomUrl”: " [REDACTED]",
“registrationRequired”: true

It seems like a subset of customers in Japan are experiencing issues with Zoom meetings recently, and we would like to know the following:

  • Is there a chance that customers failing to join the Zoom meeting related to the recent Japan server issues(since South Korean broadband company servers are linked to servers in Japan)?
  • We have noticed that in more than 10 cases, all the participants were using a mobile tablet device run by Android OS and experienced the same issue joining the Zoom-hosted meetings. Is the issue caused by using a specific operating system?
  • What are some measures that we could take to mitigate such issues from happening again?

Thank you very much for looking at the problem.