Multiple pop out participant windows

With the Electron SDK, would it be possible to create a solution that (in place of, or in addition to, main/regular window) will create a pop out window for each participant, as they join? The goal would be to simply place them in certain places on my screen to ensure they stay there. (I am screen recording for later editing). The simplest example might be:

  • assume a fixed 1920x1080 screen
  • first participant (after host) joins and gets a 200x200 (ignoring aspect ratio for the moment) pop up positioned at 0,0 coordinates
  • second gets the same at 201,0 coordinates
  • repeat…
  • a BIG bonus would be, if say participant #2 leaves, the pop up stays and could recognize them rejoining. That would be on my dream list :slight_smile:

The SDK docs are a bit bare and I haven’t used Electron before, so trying to get an understanding of whether it CAN be done before I try. :slight_smile: With my limited skills, willing to go the easiest route, so “extra” windows instead of also trying to modify the main window is completely fine. And if it’s possible, and someone is out there wanting to freelance help on this (even just getting it started) I’m open to that as well. (If Electron doesn’t allow it, then a Mac version for sure, and possibly Windows version.)

Thank you!

Hi @richardg,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. What you are mentioning is possible with Custom UI but unfortunately, the Custom UI option is only available on the native SDKs(Windows SDK, Mac OS SDK). Please have a try with the Custom UI features in the demo apps:

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Thanks, will check it out!

Glad to be helpful. I will go ahead and close this thread. Please feel free to create another post if any other questions. :slight_smile: