Zoom desktop SDK

Is the current Zoom Desktop SDK compliant with the latest features as Waiting Room and Admit Participants?
I did not find the admit button into participants panel on Custom UI

Hi Stefano,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Are you using the Windows SDK or the macOS SDK? And what is the SDK version you are using? If you are using the Zoom default UI, the admit button should be there. If you are using the Custom UI, you will have to implement this function by using the corresponding interfaces.


Thanks for the quick answer.
Just another question, do you think it is possibl, using custom UI, to pute the video of a single participand into a new window instead of into the main zoom window.
I need the participant video window stay always in the same position and do not change it’s position when other participant leave or join the meeting.The way Zoom change the participants layout based on their number it is a problem for us. Whe need a position stable layout.
Do you think it’s achiveable with SDK and Cutom UI ?
I have seen you can create video containers. i need just to be pointed to the right way.
Thank you very mutch i truly appreciate your help.

Hi Stefano,

Thanks for the reply. What you are mentioning sounds possible with Custom UI. The core concept of Custom UI is you have the full control of the meeting UI so you may use any layout that you like.

Hope this helps. Thanks!