Multiple users can create their own meetings

Do I need to have multiple accounts if I want to give more than one user the right to start the meeting and have their own schedule even if it conflicts with other users’ timing? And can I use React Native with the SDK?

I tested Zoom API and it worked with the recording feature. However, I have the following concerns regarding building the app using it:

  • In order to use the API, I had to create a JWT APP inside your zoom marketplace account (developer account) and use the credentials (API key, API Secret, JWT Token from the developer account, and user id from "{email}") inside the application to run it. And based on these credentials the recording was sent to my Zoom account.

Therefore, my question here is, do we need to do this process for every user that will register as a teacher or tutor (as we want to create a tutoring website) to the application we want to develop? Because we want the teacher to have the ability to start his own meeting and get the recording from his account. In addition, we want each teacher to have his own schedule regardless of the schedule of other teachers.

  • One more thing, I can see that the API supports native Android and iOS apps, does it also support React native apps for mobile? or do we have to use native apps to use it?

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Hi @saif,

Good questions.

To clarify, will your end users under whom you’re creating meetings be using their own, separate Zoom accounts, or will they belong to the same account as your JWT credentials? If it’s the latter, you can use your JWT credentials, as they’re account wide and can authorize requests on behalf of any user on the account.

If it’s the former, this would require OAuth.

Regarding React Native, we don’t currently support this though it’s a great suggestion.


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