The scenario for using apis is not clear

THIS IS not to report an error but to understand how zoom api/sdk itself is working and how it can be beneficial for us.

Here is what i did :
1- i created an app in zoom (Done)
2- used Oauth authentication -> right now i ask for tokens store them and refresh the token
note : this is just one token for same user !
3- tested api endpoints and they are working fine .

Here is needed scenario:

  • different teachers can start meetings and create channels for the users .
  • students show be able to enter these meetings inside my site (with sdk)

what i ask:
How to use these endpoints for multiple users ?
i’m only storing one token and refreshing it, how to make different users use the system ? one account can be used by multiple users ? how ?
and most importantly
what do you mean by “A Zoom account can have one or more users” ???

please tell me the scenario and what i need don’t just refer to docs because i almost read it still got confusion understanding how to put the pieces together

Hi @maged.ahmedr ,

Happy to help. A couple of questions to make sure I can best assist:

  • Will these teachers be under your Zoom account or will they have their own Zoom accounts?
  • Are you using our Web SDK or another SDK?

Let me know—thanks!

Thanks really appreciate it, about first question i’m not sure what you mean by teachers under my account ? do i have to create users for them under my account ? or they can just use their accounts to register ? i want them to like sign in with zoom then they can create meetings/channels … etc , do they need to be under my account ?

  • Are you using our [Web SDK] or another SDK?
    right now i’m only using the apis, tried to use the sdk to run meetings inside my site but seems like i have to go with pro plan to use it, so i will do that but need to make sure how the flow would go ? how teacher would hit the api endpoints/ create meetings with their accounts ! do i have to create accounts for them under mine ? or their account would go just fine ??

— note : i published the app -> then when i try to login with different zoom account than mine i get (You cannot authorize the app)

Hi @maged.ahmedr,

Thanks for clarifying these details.

To clarify, depending on whether the users (teachers) are created as users under your account, or if you want them to use their own accounts to create meetings, etc., will determine which Authentication method you should use:

  • JWT: Use this authentication method of you will provision users for your teachers under your own Zoom account. JWT authentication allows you to authenticate API requests for all users under your account.
  • OAuth: Use this authentication if you want your users (teachers) to be able to authorize your integration to make API requests on their behalf, with them using their own, separate accounts. Note that this requires you to follow our app submission process and publish an app on our Marketplace. Until your app is reviewed by our team and published publicly on, you will not be able to use the app/integration outside of your own account.

Let me know if this helps to clarify. Thanks!


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