The scenario for using apis is not clear

THIS IS not to report an error but to understand how zoom api/sdk itself is working and how it can be beneficial for us.

Here is what i did :
1- i created an app in zoom (Done)
2- used Oauth authentication -> right now i ask for tokens store them and refresh the token
note : this is just one token for same user !
3- tested api endpoints and they are working fine .

Here is needed scenario:

  • different teachers can start meetings and create channels for the users .
  • students show be able to enter these meetings inside my site (with sdk)

what i ask:
How to use these endpoints for multiple users ?
i’m only storing one token and refreshing it, how to make different users use the system ? one account can be used by multiple users ? how ?
and most importantly
what do you mean by “A Zoom account can have one or more users” ???

please tell me the scenario and what i need don’t just refer to docs because i almost read it still got confusion understanding how to put the pieces together

Hi @maged.ahmedr ,

Happy to help. A couple of questions to make sure I can best assist:

  • Will these teachers be under your Zoom account or will they have their own Zoom accounts?
  • Are you using our Web SDK or another SDK?

Let me know—thanks!