Mute all participants except host & co-hosts

Would it be possible to add an option to mute all participants except hosts &co-hosts. Thanks


Agree, and also it is a pain that it turns off the interpreters microphones as well. When these shouldn’t be turned off at anytime as these are on different channels. So this feature cannot be used in its present form.


As a teacher, it would be great to be able to set co-teachers as co-hosts and not have them muted. We have preschoolers, and tend to mute and unmute all the kids frequently during the chat, but then have to unmute my 2 co-teachers manually.


This is a critical feature for music concerts. We use mute-all and unmute-all to allow for applause between songs. But when the co-host mutes the audience it also muted the singer in the middle of a sentence !


agree! also for theatre shows!

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Similar: “Mute all except {participant}” We had an instance today where the host muted all to try to silence an errant open mic, and ended up muting the person currently speaking (trying to speak).


I vote for this also. But it should be possible to “flag” a participant to block mute without giving host priviligies.

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I agree, please correct this bug. The “Mute All” function should not mute hosts and co-hosts. Now it’s very annoying…

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I support this request. I host some seminars where i assign the speaker as co-host. It’s annoying to have to unmute always after a q&a round …

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Yes please!!! This is especially helpful for larger meetings, when looking for the “errant open mic” would just take too long.

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Completely support this.

My mic is the Audio/Visual input for our worship. I am co-host but often get unwittingly muted mid service and if I don’t notice, the audio doesn’t work next time I play a song/video!

Also, the name section in the participants list is not a label; in fact, it’s a button to direct message to that person.
And other buttons as mute or more reveal only on hover with a significant delay.

Here’s a common scenario in large meetings:
Someone’s unmuted herself/himself accidentally and started to yell someone on the phone (on her/his end).
The speakers and participants got distracted, looking around for the source of the noise.
I, as the host, jumped on the participants list to pinpoint and mute her/him.
It’s close to the top of the list, that’s good, found it, here s/he is.
Put my mouse cursor on top of the name, mute button revealed, clicked on it.
Is s/he muted?
Instead, the chat box opened up to send a direct message to that person.
Well, in that split second that I clicked the mute button, Zoom lost the hover status somehow, so the mute button got dismissed, and I’ve ended up clicking on the name ( secret button for direct message) :man_facepalming:t2:
Next step for me?
Close the chat box, found her/him again in the list, repeat the steps above until finally silence her/him.
Ok, s/he is muted.
Excellent, now it’s time for me to pull the last couple strands of my hair out :angry:

Thank you dear Zoom, great UI/UX design; you’ve really thought it through :clap:t2:
You are the best.

~ Fatih

This is an absolute essential. I can’t think of any scenario that you would want to mute host and co-hosts along with participants. It seems the natural order to have mute all participants as default but add the option in Zoom meeting settings to allow the option to change mute all so that it mutes host and cohosts also. This would be can awesome change as a priority please :slight_smile: :smile:

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I love your narrative!! And yes, please make these changes dear zoom.

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