Mute all participants except host & co-hosts

Would it be possible to add an option to mute all participants except hosts &co-hosts. Thanks


Agree, and also it is a pain that it turns off the interpreters microphones as well. When these shouldn’t be turned off at anytime as these are on different channels. So this feature cannot be used in its present form.

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As a teacher, it would be great to be able to set co-teachers as co-hosts and not have them muted. We have preschoolers, and tend to mute and unmute all the kids frequently during the chat, but then have to unmute my 2 co-teachers manually.

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This is a critical feature for music concerts. We use mute-all and unmute-all to allow for applause between songs. But when the co-host mutes the audience it also muted the singer in the middle of a sentence !

agree! also for theatre shows!

Similar: “Mute all except {participant}” We had an instance today where the host muted all to try to silence an errant open mic, and ended up muting the person currently speaking (trying to speak).

I vote for this also. But it should be possible to “flag” a participant to block mute without giving host priviligies.