Mute zoom meeting participant just for me -> "Mute for me"

+1 for this request. Essential for hybrid online/in person formats

+1, this will be a huge quality of life improvement as we are moving to a hybrid work model.

+1! Without this feature, it’s no longer sensible for us to use Zoom now that people return to the office and share physical rooms.

+1, How is it that the most used meeting platform didn’t learn this from Ventrillo, TeamSpeak and Discord?

+1 does anyone know if they have even seen this forum post? Lol. I agree with Susan’s sentiment, how can Zoom be so behind on such a simple feature?

Representing me too Marc, thank you

Desperately need this for hybrid meetings

mind is blown that this feature doesn’t exist after all this time. BLOWN.

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I would love this too

With half the people returning to office and all these hybrid meetings this is a mandatory feature. Please implement this asap or at least offer an app in the store that does this.


Still this hasn’t been implemented??

It’s really important. Has this been planned for development at all?

+1 really need this in hybrid environments

Absolutely need this for our hybrid meetings. Why isn’t Zoom commenting on this after all these requests and all these years? Our explanation is complicated, but it’s a real problem for us that could be solved by allowing one participant to mute another participant only for themselves, as follows: Audio from our meeting-room mics is fed to room speakers and to the Zoom meeting via the host computer. Another computer is a set up as a participant and its sound is fed to the sound system, and mix-minused from the feed to the host computer. If we want to hear a remote participant, we unmute the system speaker on the participant computer. The participant is heard on the room speakers, but that sound is picked up by the room mics which gets delayed via Zoom and fed back through the participant computer giving us a nasty echo. We have to mute the room mics when a remote participant speaks, but that’s a juggling act at best and wouldn’t be a problem if we could mute the meeting audio only on the participant computer.


+1 absolutely needed. More and more hybrid settings will occur

Registered here just to be able to reply.
I contacted Zoom via feedback and sent them the link to this forum. I’ll leave a note if they respond.


This is an incredibly crucial issue that Zoom should consider. It is one of the most important and useful feature. Still no update… Zoom seems to not really care about customer feedback.

This would be very useful for my case! Often people are near-by while others are remote. Need to “mute” those near-by to avoid listening in duplicate… Please consider adding individual muting of other participants…

+1, This would be an extremely useful feature addition to Zoom. It is understandable that sending different audio mixes to different participants on a separate channel based on their mute setting might be a technical challenge especially if there are hundreds or thousands of participants. I wonder how the other platforms manage to do it especially with a large number of participants.

This would remove a VERY clumsy element of Videoconferencing