Mute zoom meeting participant just for me -> "Mute for me"

Beeing able to disable the Audio or even the complete stream (if this is easier to implement) would really help to work with people inside the same room paritcipating the same conference.

Inserting a special picture to show the user, that he muted a participant might help to avoid confusions.

I do not really need this as an API endpoint. Inside the default GUI would be sufficient.

+1 , definetely need this in Zoom. I, for instance, was sharing my screen with other participants whyle another person was talking, and he could listen to himself while speaking, creating an eco

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+1, this is exactly what we need

Why is this ignored. Add the option already. I’m so tired of people and their background noise. I get that you’re afraid it might cause confusion and potential disharmony (like if I forget I muted the person, and they try talking to me), but that’s not for you to hold our hand about. Also, maybe this, give us the option to “nudge” someone when their mic is making noise, to give them a hint? Or let the app detect background noise and warn the person that they are being disruptive?

I am currently sitting in a room with another person who is talking on a zoom meeting. Because they are sitting behind me, as well as on the same zoom call, it’s very distracting and a lot more difficult to really listen to what they’re saying. There are another 7 people on the call who are remote.

I’ve been checking periodically for this functionality since around 2021, and am surprised that it’s not an option yet. Hybrid remote work has become the norm now.

Can we please have this? An acknowledgement that it’s on the way, even?

is this happening? i need this feature greatly

This feature is badly needed. If Teams has the feature, I will try to persuade my group to switch.

We need this feature really bad. Please consider implementing it soon.

Maybe this little friend can motivate you :wink:

Would be really awesome

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hi i have a quick question for any of yall?

My work today involved setting up a mixer, speakers, a camera and mics. The main presenter is using their own laptop. Our mics ended up not working well and our entire setup apart from the camera is rendered useless because Zoom doesn’t let you mute someone else in the room and I don’t want to mute them for everyone else, thus we can’t even use the speakers.

Thanks Zoom :unamused:

please, there are so many people who think it’s a great idea to agree with everything the speaker says. so we all have to hear “yeah” “ok” “exactly” and other nonsense from these people that can’t control themselves in a public setting.

Great feature and really needed :smiley:

Hi, with the end of the pandemic, we sit again together in the office from time to time, and other people are working from home. Hearing people twice (once in Zoom and in the office), makes meetings very bad. An option to mute people who are in the same room is a great solution. Other software like Tandem has this already built-in.



I run a virtual deposition business in which sometimes we have clients in the same room as each other while others are appearing remotely. Everyone that is in the same room is forced to listen to double talk because you can not mute participants locally.

Discord has had this feature for years. Even old school teamspeak and ventrilo could do this.

zoom this is a MAKE OR BREAK FEATURE for our business using your platform.

TBH we are highly considering switching to discord. We can host a whole server with multiple rooms with a ton of free features at a fraction of what zoom business cost let alone what zoom enterprise cost.

@ where is the dev response , disgraceful to let your users sit in the dark for years

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Is that possible now?

I would be very useful for me too !

Thank you,



Still nothing? Discord has this feature and is INCREDIBLY useful when doing “hybrid” meetings.


I cannot possibly vote for this harder.

The proposed “Mute for me” feature in Zoom aims to enhance user experience by allowing participants to individually mute specific attendees. This addresses issues in both small group settings, where participants are physically together, and large meetings, preventing disruptions caused by unmuted participants. A visual indicator, such as a blinking green mute sign, ensures users are aware of the muted status. Approximately 300 users express a collective desire for this valuable feature in the upcoming Zoom version.


To enhance user awareness, the feature incorporates a visual indicator, such as a blinking green mute sign, ensuring that users are promptly informed of the muted status of specific participants. This visual cue can play a crucial role in maintaining the flow of communication and preventing unintended disruptions check more.