My Android migration from v5.13.5.11583 to v5.15.12.10095 fails to compile due to missing appKey and appSecret in ZoomSDKInitParams

I have been using the Android Meeting SDK (version v5.13.5.11583) and tried to migrate to the latest (version v5.15.12.10095). This code fails to compile:

        ZoomSDKInitParams params = new ZoomSDKInitParams();
        params.appKey = "...";
        params.appSecret = "..."

ZoomSDKInitParams no longer has appKey and appSecret. I tried looking at the change logs and did not see any deprecation notice. Strangely if I decompile ZoomSDKInitParams, I still see jwtToken which I thought was deprecated.

I tried looking at the sample app (GitHub - zoom/zoom-sdk-android-getting-started) and it uses appKey and appSecret so I’m even more confused.

I narrowed this down a bit. ZoomSDKInitParams.appKey is present in v5.14.5.13410 but absent in v5.14.10.14272 and versions after that.

Can someone please explain what is going on?

@ken.ebbs ,

params.appKey and params.appSecret has been removed.
You will need to generate a signature to authenticate the SDK.

JWT Token is not to be confused with JWT App Type (which has been deprecated)

The sample which you are looking at on GitHub might not be updated.

Thanks. That was my confusion.