My webapp connects to Zoom API and SDK, should I apply to be listed in the Marketplace?

My company has developed an LMS web plataform. Our dev team, through Zoom SDK and API, recently develpeled a way to embeeded zoom meetings on our app. Since we are not an app that will run from zoom (but the opposite) I want to know we should persue to be published in the ZOOM marketplace?

Thanks in advance for the orientation

Hi @hector_gg

Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community!
Are you trying to make API calls on behalf of someone else? or is this an internal app ?

If you want external users to authorize the app and with this app make API calls on behalf of the users, then the app needs to be reviewed by our Marketplace team.


Finally I got a reply, thank you Elisa this have been so hard to figure it out. The calls that we do are from our company (internal) zoom accounts and our customers zoom (External) accounts. If I’m understanding correctly we will need work on the submission.
Thanks again, have a good one.

Hi @hector_gg
So the answer is yes, if your app will make API calls on behalf of users that are not in your account, your app needs to go through Functional and Security Review.

Thank you and have a happy Friday!

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