Naming Breakout Rooms

Hey @evgeny.balashov & Zoom team,

We’re trying to create an app with fully customized breakout rooms, and an integral part of the experience is adding names.

The renameBreakoutRoom() method works effectively, but it currently only applies to one breakout room. Often in our app we’ll create 50 breakout rooms - this results in 50 subsequent renameBreakoutRoom() API requests to update each room name.

We’re wondering if you’d considered the following:

  1. accepting other room configuration (such as names) or even a breakout room list in createBreakoutRooms() or configureBreakoutRooms()

  2. a renameBreakoutRooms() that accepts a breakout room list, or an array of breakout room IDs with corresponding names

This question of design relates a lot to my other query regarding assigning participants to breakout rooms.

For example, If the createBreakoutRoom() method could accept a breakout room list (or similar consistent data structure) then we could easily create and configure the rooms including participant assignment, room names and more with only a handful of API calls :tada:

Any thoughts? Has anybody else approached this in a different manner?


@om7 Thanks for the suggestions, we will put it on the roadmap, but it will take a few releases to complete

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Thanks @evgeny.balashov this one is much more of a nice-to-have :smile:

We decided to implement the renameBreakoutRoom API in a loop over each Breakout Room, and it seems to work in Production, even or 50 rooms! :partying_face: