Need advice about rest integration with few connected accounts

Dear Sirs,

We’re facing following use case:

  1. We’re using ServiceNow platform and need to integrate it with ZOOM.
  2. We need to be able to schedule new ZOOM meetings and view existing ZOOM meetings scheduled in our ServiceNow platform, preferably using REST API.
  3. We need several (up to 5 at present, maybe more later on) ZOOM accounts in order to be able to schedule and run several meetings at the same time. The accounts are no different from each other from our perspective.
  4. We need the authorization / authentication process to be as smooth as possible – while viewing / scheduling new meetings from ServiceNow platform we want our users to be not needed to provide any ZOOM credentials for any ZOOM account at any time.

The biggest problem we are facing is that when using authentication with OAuth 2.0 we have to request for separate tokens for each our ZOOM account. Each of that tokens expires shortly and we need to request new one (for each account) which we don’t want to be needed to do.

Main questions to you:

  1. Should we use OAuth 2.0 or rather JSON Web Tokens (JWT) for authenticating?
  2. Our ZOOM accounts in question are of “Pro” . Maybe we should switch to “Business” pricing plan (which includes something you call “Single sign-on”) or to “Zoom Platform ISV Partner” plan.

We would be pleased to receive your advice shortly as working to tight deadline :blush:



We have received your request and will get back to you shortly.