Need an error log from Zoom API calls

We have an LMS Zoom integration which our customers are using with their own zoom accounts. The meeting creation, initiation, and user registration is working as expected. However the API calls to retrieve participant data are often unsuccessful. Using the view metrics option, we can see the API is failing but cannot find out why,

Where can we get error logs of the API calls from zoom for an account?

Sign in to the Zoom Marketplace as the application owner, go to the navigation bar to manage your applications, and then you can navigate to the Call Logs.


Thank you for taking the time to reply. Please allow me to explain further. We can see these logs, but I believe there are missing pieces not represented in this log. For example:

  1. In the LMS system, we create the Zoom session via API. That created Zoom Meeting ID: 85674390149. [this is not represented in the call logs]

  2. In the LMS system we registered 3 Users into the Zoom session, and their registrations were successful in Zoom. [this is represented in the call logs]
    registrant_ids: “ossrvqNRSvisk7kN-bjfQA”, “enTxncJjSu-hRvGL1XDpng”, “n6-IXIT4Rru4OIKhWkGDiQ”

  3. However, when we make a request to pull participant data from Zoom we are getting a 404 with a message listing “code”: 3001,
    “message”: “Meeting does not exist: 85674390149.”

  4. The strangest part is that the view metrics graph shows Failed API calls that are not mentioned in the Call Logs section. In the Call logs page, we do not have 21 fails from Sept.5

We are trying to troubleshoot why the participant data does not write back to the LMS platform. It either returns a 404 or does not list in the Call Logs, but shows as failed in the View Metrics section.

Does that explain the situation more clearly?

I’d open a Developer Support ticket to troubleshoot the missing logs, especially for the create meeting API call in item 1; our JWT application also creates meetings and they do appear in the API Call Logs page. I hope those meetings are being created for the correct host user or that the calls are being issued by the intended application credentials.