Need API to get the list of deleted users

** I am using operation logs API for my project. While checking for the multiple events i found out that if we bulk delete more than 2 users, in the API response(operation_detail) we only get the count of users which are deleted but email of only 2 users are shown. It should ideally give us all the user emails deleted in that batch.

As Zoom does not have direct API for deleted users, I used this API. But it is not helpful too.**

There should be a dedicated API to get list of deleted users.

The alternative API i am using is operation logs but it doesnt help with batch delete action
API :“v2/report/operationlogs
Response :
“from”: “2023-08-01”,
“to”: “2023-08-23”,
“page_size”: 30,
“next_page_token”: “”,
“operation_logs”: [
“time”: “2023-08-09T17:09:33Z”,
“operator”: “”,
“category_type”: “User”,
“action”: “Batch Delete”,
“operation_detail”: “Delete Users - Delete Users: 3 - -