Questing regarding using the API to delete users


I’m able to gather all of our users via the API and identify those that need to be deleted via the email address. I have two questions:

  1. Is there a way to identify if the user is currently on a call? In testing, if we delete the user record while the user is on a zoom call the call continues to work fine, but there were some undesirable behaviors when the Epic user tried to start another call shortly after. I was hoping to use the last_login_time field on the User record from the API, however the records don’t have the last_login_time field populated. Currently we are running the process once nightly when we know there will be no Epic users on zoom calls.

  2. In the list of users with the email there was one we did not recognize:
    First_Name: scheduler
    Last_Name: 1_43

Is this user created by Zoom? Is it safe to delete this user?


Hey @bcartwright,

You can see live user meetings via the Get User Meetings endpoint..

Can you reach out to for this question?


Hello, did you use a wildcard or such to filter on the email? I have been struggling with this one and can’t seem to find any information.

No, from the docs it doesn’t look like the List Users API supports filtering on email address. I pull all the users in multiple calls to the List Users endpoint (using the max page size of 300). Once I have all the users I filter them myself based on the email address. Then for each user I call the List Meetings endpoint to ensure the user isn’t currently in a zoom meeting. Then, for each user that is not in a meeting I call the Delete User endpoint.

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Thanks for the response. I hope this is something Zoom incorporates.

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Hey @axohsu,

We will look into additional filtering for users.