Need help automating zoom meeting

I’ve been trying to find a solution to a way to automate this whole process.
1st, let me preface that i have very little coding exp, and im the “tech guy” on my team.
so here is what i am trying to acomplish

  1. need a zoom meeting to run every day,twice a day.
    2.meeting needs to have both mic and cameras off for all participants(webinar has this feature but…)
    3.meeting needs to use the same PMI so webinar wont work.
    4.meeting need to share a powerpoint presentation and trigger it to start
    5.after presentation is done(aprox 45mins) the meeting needs to be ended for all

As of right now I am running the whole process manually on top of the many other things i need to do and this eats up a lot of my time.
So lets recap how I am doing this now

1.I am starting this meeting from a dedicated PC every day,twice a day.
2. I have cameras turned off by default and i have to select the mute all and uncheck "allow users to unmute themselves box every meeting
3.PMI set.
4. I am clicking the share button,seleting the powerpoint full screen window,selecting the “optimize for video box” and then share.
5. I am using the same account to share from PC, and a tablet to login,claim host, “monitor”, and then end meeting for all when the presentation is done(aprox 45mins)

As you can see this whole process takes an hour of my day,twice a day. I have been looking into .bat files or a short cut to start the meetings but that only solves 1 issue. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Hey @Eothon, happy to help answer your questions! :slight_smile:

  1. Unfortunately Zoom meetings cannot be programmatically started. They must be started by a human.

  2. The Zoom API is mostly for pre and post meeting functionality. We currently do not have an API endpoint to emulate the “allow users to unmute themselves” setting.

  3. This is possible when creating the meeting with the API, just set use_pmi to true in the settings object of the request body.

  4. Unfortunately we do not have an API endpoint to control screensharing.

  5. You can use the Update Meeting Status API endpoint to programmatically end the meeting.

Apart from that, you could probably use some sort of short cut tool in conjunction with what is available as mentioned above.


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