Need to have Raise Hand in Custom UI

i need to have Raise hand icon in custom ui version, how i can show that?

how to implement that?

Hi f.abdulaziz,

Thanks for the reply. You may leverage the following callback:

 @brief The function will be invoked once user raises hand.
 @return The ID of user who raises hand.
- (void)onSinkMeetingUserRaiseHand:(NSUInteger)userID;

When this callback is triggered, you may present your own UI for this.


Hi @Carson_Chen,

This callback is working fine as a panelist in a webinar. But when the user is an attendee, the callback is never triggered. Is there an other way to know if a user has his hand raised?

Thank you for your help

Hi @nicolas.bonnet,

Thanks for the reply. Since the attendee in the webinar is view only, so it won’t trigger the callback onSinkMeetingUserRaiseHand, this is by design.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Hi @Carson_Chen,
II can see that, in your own webinar, you are showing the option to raise hand. You also react on lower all hands. How do you manage to do that?