Need to move a user back to the Master account with API

I cannot locate within the API documentation how to move a user back to the master account with an API call. users can be moved from Master to a SubAccount and between SubAccount however there is no documentation that I can find on how to move a user back to the master account.

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Hey @jd.snyder002,

Have you tried using this endpoint?:

Are you running into an error when you make a request to this API?

Let me know—thanks!

I have tried this API. there appears to be functionality to move users between sub accounts but when I try to put either “me” or the master account number in the bod of the PUT call I recieve an error and the user is not moved.

Hey @jd.snyder002,

Apologies—thanks for clarifying. At the moment, I do not believe that moving a user a back to a master account from one of its sub accounts is possible. This will likely need to be done via the Zoom Web Portal, or by contacting our Support Team directly with this request.

That said, I can appreciate how this seems like it would make sense to be able to do via API, and I will be happy to share this feedback with my team.


I think this is an absolute hole in the functionality. personally, I would consider this a bug and not a new feature request

Hey @jd.snyder002,

Thanks for raising this, and can definitely appreciate how the manual intervention required here is not a great experience. I’ve reached out to our team to see if this is something we might be able to support in the future, and I’ll be happy to keep you updated on this. (ZOOM-205663).

Thanks again for your diligence in raising this,

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