Need Upgrade Guidance

We originally did our integration with JWT app type which allowed us to do everything we need. Prior to the changes being introduced this month, with Web SDK being made user-level OAuth, it looked like it would be pretty close to the old stuff and only minor changes would be needed. With the Feb 2023 changes this appears to be a lot more complicated for us.

Currently it looks like we’re going to need at least two different app types to do everything we need, one Web SDK App to start/join the Web Meetings. Since this is user level it doesn’t seem like it will let us manage users or check zoom for the existence of users on an account.

So it appears we will need a server to server OAuth app type as well to do our more generic account level stuff.

Can you confirm this? Is it possible to use the Web SDK with just the Server to Server OAuth? Or are we going to need to do both to retain all the Web & API functionality/access we had previously?

As a side note the documentation for this is kind of messy. It feels like a maze of links to different articles and the main articles have not been adequately updated with new terminology, screenshots, etc. This makes the overall upgrade process more difficult to follow and conceptualise.

Hi @sales1
Thanks for reaching out to us and sorry for the late reply.
I just wanted to jump here to let you know that we are working hard in improving our Docs to make them easier to understand and navigate.

You are spot on, we are advising our developers to migrate from JWT to Server to Server OAuth app. Nothing changes but the token generation. So if you have your integration up and running, you will only need to implemente the new logic for token generation, but the API calls will remain the same.

Hope this helps,

Thank you for your explanation, I have been having the same issue

Based on your description, it seems like you will need both a Web SDK App and a server-to-server OAuth App to retain all the functionality/access you had previously. The Web SDK App will allow you to start/join web meetings and perform user-level actions, while the server-to-server OAuth App will allow you to perform more generic account-level actions.

It is not possible to use the Web SDK with just the server-to-server OAuth, as the Web SDK requires user-level OAuth for certain actions.

Regarding the documentation, I understand your frustration with the maze of links and outdated articles. The Zoom API documentation is known to be a bit convoluted at times. My suggestion would be to reach out to Zoom support directly for assistance or clarification on any specific questions or concerns you may have.