Migrating to OAuth or S2S apps

Hello everyone,

We have been using Zoom at our school for a few years now, but recently, we received a notification that you will be updating the token and migrating to OAuth or S2S apps. Since I am not from the web development department, I have doubts regarding the complexity of this change, especially because we have an API integrated with Zoom in our system.

My question is, what is the level of complexity for this change? Is it something simple, moderate, or complex in terms of developers making this alteration in our code?

Another question is, what would be the estimated hours required for this work? I need this information to determine whether the budget provided by the technology company aligns with this project or not, as I am not from the technical field and do not have a sense of the scale of this job.

I need these answers as soon as possible since the deadline is November 10th.

Thank you.

Hi @jeniffer.abegao !

All of the info is outlined here: JWT app type migration guide

If you were using the JWT app type for an internal app (one accessed only by internal users for your account), you’d be creating Server-to-Server OAuth app. This webinar (also linked on the guide page) will be helpful in showing how to do that: Webinar Registration - Zoom