.Net Wrapper Authentication Failure

I downloaded the code from https://github.com/zoom/zoom-c-sharp-wrapper
I plugged in my API Key and Secret key but the ZOOM_SDK_DOTNET_WRAP.CZoomSDKeDotNetWrap.Instance.GetAuthServiceWrap().SDKAuth(param); never fires the onAuthenticationReturn callback.
I am thus unable to actually join any meetings.

Which version?
Latest from Github: https://github.com/zoom/zoom-c-sharp-wrapper

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Download from https://github.com/zoom/zoom-c-sharp-wrapper
  2. Unzip
  3. Open …\zoom-c-sharp-wrapper-master\zoom_sdk_demo\zoom_sdk_demo.csproj project in Visual Studio 2017
  4. Enter API Key and Secret Key from https://marketplace.zoom.us/develop/apps/{my-key}/credentials
  5. Add break point on line 34 in public void onAuthenticationReturn(AuthResult ret)
  6. Click Auth button
  7. Break point is never reached. App hangs.

Additional context
I have Zoom installed on this machine and it can connect to meetings.

So I found another URL: https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/sdk/native-sdks/windows/c-sharp-wrapper which explained how to copy binaries and .h files (why?), but more importantly set the run mode to BUILD.
This now shows the start_join_meeting dialogue.
Given the adoption by Zoom of mandatory passwords, there is no password field for joining a meeting, so I added one to the XAML and C#:

What is the “Access Token”, and UserID/UserToken required to start a meeting?

Hi garry,

Thanks for the post. And glad to hear that you have found the solution. Yes, please use SDK key & secret for authentication(not API key & secret). The sample app is for demo purposes so it might not include all features in the app, but the corresponding interfaces should be there for you to use while integrating. Happy Zooming! :slight_smile: