New lines not recognized by web SDK [or Zoom web client]

This issue is a difference in new line functionality between the Zoom native meeting clients and the web. In meetings in the native clients you can hit control + enter to add new lines in one chat message. These aren’t recognized on the web. They come across as if they never existed. An example:

How the following chat message with multiple new lines in a native clients comes across in the web client:

I have these todos:

  1. Create draft comment
  2. Submit draft comment
  3. Turn on notifications

I have these todos:1. Create draft comment2. Submit draft comment3. Turn on notifications

Which version?
All versions including 1.8.6. As well as the official web client if that runs something different.

Device (please complete the following information):
Doesn’t make a difference.

If there’s any lower level mechanism to intercept chat messages or get them raw, I’d love to beta test that or be able to access that.

No new lines make a few features I’m trying to add on top of the web sdk really difficult.

– Saadh S.

Hey @chase_ats,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. I tested this on the Web Client and saw that I was able to insert newlines by using Shift + Enter using Firefox on MacOS. Can you confirm if that works for you?