WebSDK Chat - format issue - word break across lines

WebSDK chat is not wrapping words correctly and is breaking words across lines.This is difficult to read and we’ve had multiple complaints from customers on this.

Instead of using our implementation to test, I tested a meeting using your /wc/xxxxxx/join.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Start a Zoom meeting on desktop client
  2. Then join meeting in a browser using the /wc URL
  3. Send a multi line chat message without using CR
  4. Note on web version words will break across lines
  5. Send a multi line chat message without using CR from web client to desktop
  6. Note that wrap will be wrong on web client but fine on desktop


Hey @mb_j ,

Thanks for sharing this with us. It sounds like you tested this only on the Web Client.

Have you seen this same issue on the Web Client SDK?


@tommy - yes, that’s where we discovered it happening - on the websdk, I just used your site for easier reproduction. (and to show it wasn’t our implementation )



Hey @mb_j,

As it looks like this issue is inherited from the Web Client, your best option is to reach out to our Customer Support Team as they will be able to assist you directly and file a bug with our Web Client team.


@MaxM WebSDK inherits from Web Client? Just double checking cause it seems like Web Client would inherit from WebSDK??

And no offense - but I will have to explain this all again to them - couldn’t you forward this thread to them and ask them to open a bug report? I’d imagine that would be easier to do internally then me via support.



Hey @mb_j,

That’s right, the development and featureset of the Web SDK currently closes follows the development of our Web Client. As new features are added to the Web Client, they are often added to the Web SDK shortly after.

Our Customer Support Team will need to be the ones that evaluate if this is a bug, the internal team to contact and the best next steps. In other words, the best process to follow is to submit a ticket with them. This will ensure that you are in direct contact with them and that you can answer any questions they have - as you are most familiar with the issue.

You can reference this developer forum topic in your ticket to give them some background on the issue that you’re encountering.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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