Why Participant Joined/Left webhook doesn't send id of participant?

When i create a Webhook Only or OAuth app and add meeting.participant_joined webhook it sends something like this but without participant.id.


I need participant.id for my app.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
OAuth and Webhook Only

Which Endpoint/s?

Additional context
I have the same issue with meeting.participant_left too.

Hi @Raistlin ,

The Participant ID is included within the Participant Object in the JSON payload:

In your example, it looks like it’s included here:

Can you share an example where you’re not seeing this?

Let me know—thanks!

Hi. I take that screenshot from Call Logs. As you can see there is no participat.id

If you can’t read it on picture :

  "applicationId": "ARwuSUxJQ2CjwmW-QUt4nA",
  "monitorTime": 1611771229905,
  "traceId": "Webhook_d2c5d0aa5ca5428f9870bde41ae2fcb1",
  "accountId": "f4U1Dl24T4Scv7TftHtusA",
  "event": "meeting.participant_joined",
  "status": "200",
  "userId": "ZHuwL745TyaVmJ5PsiFsIQ",
  "url": "https://zoom-polling.herokuapp.com/join",
  "subscriptionId": "JMdLL1fDSS24k5B3CO50Ag",
  "requestHeaders": "N/A",
  "requestBody": {
    "payload": {
      "account_id": "f4U1Dl24T4Scv7TftHtusA",
      "object": {
        "uuid": "967HUGPFSLCil92bVvyqMA==",
        "participant": {
          "user_id": "16778240",
          "user_name": "136 | Talha Karasu",
          "join_time": "2021-01-27T18:13:46Z",
          "email": "talhafb1223@gmail.com"
        "id": "3371813643",
        "type": 4,
        "topic": "136 | Talha Karasu's Personal Meeting Room",
        "host_id": "ZHuwL745TyaVmJ5PsiFsIQ",
        "duration": 0,
        "start_time": "2021-01-27T18:13:46Z",
        "timezone": "Europe/Istanbul"
    "event_ts": 1611771228786,
    "event": "meeting.participant_joined"
  "responseHeaders": {
    "Server": "Cowboy",
    "Content-Length": "0",
    "Date": "Wed, 27 Jan 2021 18:13:49 GMT"
  "runTime": "91",
  "ttl": 1612980929,
  "requestParameters": undefined,
  "responseData": undefined

As a fact, there was participant.id 2 weeks ago and my code was working properly. suddenly it stopped sending id.

Hi @Raistlin,

Thank you for sharing this. Are you seeing this in all webhooks for Participant Joined events, or just some? Additionally, do you know if this was an authenticated user or a guest (not signed in to Zoom)?


Hi. It same in all Participant Joined and Left events. User is authenticated, not a guest.

Hi @Raistlin,

Thank you for confirming. I’m looking into this for you and should have an update for you shortly (ZOOM-242248).


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Hi @Raistlin,

Our Engineering team identified a bug that was causing this issue—they’ve since released a fix. Can you retry your requests/let me know if webhook payloads reflect this as expected now?


Hi @will.zoom ,
Unfortunately the problem is still continuing.

As you can see in these pictures, there is no problem my own account’s Joined and Left webhook payloads.

meeting.participant_joined :

meeting.participant_left :

But when I test it with my friends, as you can see in these pictures, their id and email's are empty. I tested it with 3 people. Result was same every time.

meeting.participant_joined :

meeting.participant_left :

I hope your team will solve this problem soon.


Hi @Raistlin,

Thank you for sharing these examples—we’re looking into this. (ZOOM-242248)


Hi @Raistlin,

Upon further investigation, in the example provided, the user was not logged in when they joined the meeting. In these instances, we will not return the id or email fields.

Let me know if you see an instance where the user was logged in. I’m happy to take a look.


Sorry for false alarm. I didn’t know they wasn’t logged in. I tried with logged in user and it worked as expected.

Thanks for your help.

Hi @Raistlin,

No worries! I’m glad it wasn’t something else :slight_smile:


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