Unexpected results from v2/phone/call_logs

When calling v2/phone/call_logs, I get this back:

page_count = 10
page_number = 1
page_size = 300
total_records = 2989
from = 2020-06-03
to = 2020-06-03
call_logs = {@{…}}

Based on the API documentation I should be getting back a string in next_page_token because total_records (2989) exceeds page_size (300), but it’s not being returned to me in the response. I’m assuming that this means there are a total of 2989 records to retrieve.

API page:

Not getting next_page_token back in response.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Request https://api.zoom.us/v2/phone/call_logs?page_size=100&from=2020-06-03&to=2020-06-03&type=all

Hey @richard.kitamura,

That is strange. Can you try adjusting your to query param to 2020-06-04 and let me know if that returns a next_page_token?


I saw that other Zoom Phone API endpoints use a different pagination method, and tried that. It works so I went with that. Maybe your documentation needs updating. Thanks for following up though.

Thanks for identifying this @richard.kitamura, we’re in the process of making our pagination consistent across all Batch List APIs. We’ll update documentation.

cc: @shrijana.g

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Hi @richard.kitamura,

Thank you for letting us know about this issue. As @michael.harrington pointed out, the pagination process will be made consistent over the next few months. This API currently supports both page_number and next_page_token but only one can be used at a time. If you do not provide page_number in the query, you will get a next page token. However, we will be disabling pagination by page number in the future and we recommend that you not use it for this API. I have also removed it from the doc to reduce further confusion. Thanks to you and @michael.harrington for the details!


How do I get notified about changes to the API well before they’re put into production? If I hadn’t submitted a ticket I wouldn’t even know that the API will change in a few months until my code started failing.




Hey @richard.kitamura,

If we are planning to release breaking changes, we will communicate far in advance.

You can also track upcoming changes here:



How do I subscribe to upcoming changes? I only see a way to subscribe to changes that have been pushed to production after the fact.


Hey @richard.kitamura,

Currently we do not have a way for folks to subscribe to our upcoming releases page, but we will not release breaking changes without emailing you far in advance.


Ok please add me to that email list then. Thanks.


Hey @richard.kitamura,

You should already be added if you have used the Zoom App Marketplace.