No AUDIO or INTERACTION in Webinar with Web SDK

I was trying to have support to Webinars in my application with Zoom Web Client, but it was not working and after navigating through this forum, I was recommended to switch to Zoom Web SDK.

After installing everything and managing to Join in the webinar, I’m now not being able to click on anything.

I mean, the things I click just doesn’t have effect.
Like “joining with computer audio” or anything else.

The only clue I get is an Websocket error, shown below.

Besides that, I’d also like to change the Width of the HTML Div added to my application when I’m using the Web SDK. Maybe I could have opened another topic for that but maybe it’s simple and you guys could tell me how to do that through here?

WebSocket connection to 'wss://' failed: Data frame received after close

Which version?
Zoom Web SDK V. 1.7.8

I don’t have screenshots to exemplify that. It’s simply that: I can’t interact with any buttons. I click on things but nothing happens.


That is strange, what device are you using? Are you serving your site over https?

Screenshots would be helpful as I cannot reproduce this issue.


Hi @tommy, yes I’m serving over https, and I’m using Windows + Chrome.

Here’s an example… I have your element inside my page, but when I’m clicking on “Check Captcha”, nothing happens. Just like if it the buttons hasn’t interactivity.


Are you embedding the Web SDK into your site via an iFrame? If so, you may need to add the allow-scripts attribute to your iFrame.


Hi @tommy,

I’m not embedding via an iFrame. I was doing that before, but I was oriented to use WebSDK because the iframe does not supports Zoom Webinars.
The div with the video is being injected automatically by your WebSDK in the body of my website.


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And just to let you know, I’ve installed the web SDK through npm in my node-based project…

I’m doing

ZoomMtg.setZoomJSLib(`${window.location.origin}/zoom`, "/av");


created () {

        const config = this.$store.getters["meeting/featureSetting"]("videoConfig") || {};

        const pwd = config.zoomPassword || "";

        const baseId = config.zoomId || "";

        const id = String(baseId).replace(/[^\d]/g, "");

        API("GET", `/api/zoomus/getSignature/${id}`)

            .then(res1 => {

                const signature = res1.result;



                    "debug": true,

                    "leaveUrl": "",

                    "isSupportAV": true,

                    success () {

                        console.log("//// INIT SUCCESSFULL.");

                        console.log(`JOINING TO MEETING ${id}`);


                            "meetingNumber": id,

                            "userName": "John",

                            "signature": signature,

                            "apiKey": "zd5h7H5xTbOeRTsOvJJOEg",

                            "userEmail": "",

                            "passWord": pwd,

                            success (res) {

                                console.log("MEETING JOIN SUCCESS.");


                                let buttonFound = false;

                                const t = setInterval(() => {

                                    const startButton = document.getElementById("pc-join");

                                    if (startButton != null) {

                                        buttonFound = true;



                                    if (startButton == null && buttonFound) {

                                        console.log("button found");



                                }, 500);


                            error (err) {

                                console.log("MEETING JOINING ERROR");





                    error (err) {

                        console.log("INIT ERROR..");





and it seems to load fine, init, try to join the meeting… but as I told you, when clicking in “check captcha” nothing happens.

P.S: I’m already using v1.7.9

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@tommy I"m also getting the following error


For the recaptcha issue, please see the posts after yours this thread:

Let me know if that helps! If not, I am happy to help investigate further.