Web SDK issue when Integrate with website

I am using Web SDK version 1.7.10 to Integrate Live Webinar.

I have download the sample code and manage to attendee join the meeting. But, some features like Live Polling, Attendee can’t speak (Audio not working) features are not working properly. we used chrome browser for our testing.

  • But attendee can’t speak. others not able to hear audio.

Is possible to disable captcha ?

Which version?
Web SDK 1.7.10

Additional context
Our Zoom subscription have dedicated support, Could you please guide or redirect me to engineer/developer directly to work closely to solve my issues.


i think zoom has limited support for webminars in websdk. Also, I dont think so there is a way to disable recaptcha. Though i must say the implementation is very bad. Often it just gets stuck. So, if anyone of you know how to disable it i will be glad to know this myself.

Hey @delltechnologies, @nitin1,

Fill out this form and we will disable recaptcha for you:

As for webinar support, it looks like you are using firefox, here is our browser support:


Thank you! This will be very helpful. Will this disable for all sessions on our company account?


Hey @nitin1,

Yes it will! It has now been disabled for your account.


Hi Tommy,

I think still our Account No. 57440702 Captcha is not disabled as I already submitted google sheet few days back.

I enforce username & email when enter to webinar

But still it prompt to enter Your Name.


Can you advise. how to redirect / join meeting directly without enter name.

Hey @delltechnologies,

I have just disabled for your account. Due note, starting tomorrow captcha will be disabled by default for the Web SDK:


Hi Tommy,

Thanks for disabled captcha.

However, I am facing a issue my participant not able to join the meeting using browser. even I enforced the username & email id for the meeting to join, the link is redirect me to enter “Your Name” screen. refer below screen grab.


Even after enter name, its asking to download Zoom Client Tool.

I want my participant join the meeting using browser without enter Email and Name. Below is my code.


I tried this code also.

Is anything wrong in the above code ? Please advise ASAP. I want to settle this by today. Thanks in Advance.

Ps note - I don’t want use web sdk method. I want to achieve this by direct link only.

Hey @delltechnologies,

For Web Client support your best bet is to reach out to support.zoom.us.

That being said, currently the Web Client does not support meeting registration.


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