Ability to register to ended webinar when registration is closed previously was disabled

Hi team :wave:. We noticed change in Zoom API behaviour during last few weeks. It is connected with registration to ended webinar when registration is closed. From UI registration is closed, as it was previously. And from API previously we received an error with status 400 and message ‘This webinar is over and registration is closed’. But now call from API is successful with status 200 and registrant is actually added. Could you please check if it is expected behaviour? Account id: C2Ai2ZYjR529zchemGu7vQ, webinar id: 95207181952

Hi @bpetrenko
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our community! I am happy to help here!
Can you please confirm again the workflow you are following via API?

  1. You create a webinar with registration enabled
  2. You add registrants via API
  3. You end the webinar?

Hi Elisa. I will update the flow a little bit.

  1. Yes, I’ve created webinar with registration enabled.
  2. It scheduled for the same day, and it ends in the same day.
  3. Added few registrants while registration was open. (Actually I’ve made tests with multiple webinars, with adding and not adding registrants while registration is open)
  4. Webinar was ended and on the next day I checked that registration closed from UI. I didn’t make any additional calls to close registration, it was made automatically.
  5. After registration was closed I tried to add new registrants via API. And they actually was added.
  6. But previously we couldn’t register to webinar from API if registration was closed. We had failed with 400 status and message ‘This webinar is over and registration is closed’. We have automated test for this flow, which started to fail.

Hey, team! I’m a developer from the HubSpot team along with @bpetrenko . Please, do not hesitate to contact me in any case!

Hi folks. Elisa, since now my teammate Dmytro will be responsible for this issue

Thanks @bpetrenko and @dkulieshov
Sorry for the late reply here! I am currently trying to replicate this behavior on my end.
I will come back with an update shortly

Hi @dkulieshov
I was able to replicate this behavior and I have created an internal ticket with our Engineering team to investigate this issue (ZSEE-98082 internal ticket for reference)

I will keep you updated

Hi @dkulieshov
I just wanted to update you on the status of this issue it looks like this is a bug on our end, it will be resolved in our August release.
Thanks for bringing this up to our attention and let me know if there is anything else I could do to support you

Hey, @elisa.zoom ! Thanks to all your team for providing the change! Has it been released?

Hi @dkulieshov
I have not tested this myself but it looks like this was released :slight_smile:

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