No meeting.ended webhooks received

As we integrate an app with Zoom we do have an automation that receives the meeting.ended webhook after host ends the meeting for all. For almost all customer’s integration we’re receiving the webhooks without problems. But we have indeed 2 customers where we simply do not receive the meeting.ended webhook and therefore our automation does not run at all.

Would you have an idea what causes this or would you know if Zoom account setting(s) can prevent webhooks being sent at the end of the meeting?


Hey @pascal1,

Thanks for reaching out about this.

First, I should note that there are settings that users (other Zoom accounts) can turn off that would either disable your app or unsubscribe. For instance, if someone’s account requires pre-approval, they could turn this off and it would also disable notifications from your app.

It seems like this might be the case, but let me know if you still have questions!


Hey Will,

Thanks for your help! Well, it’s not the case that nothing works. We have multiple automations where we do lots of API calls and they work just fine. When we connect our app to the customer’s Zoom account it they pre-approve and then authorize it as admin. If this would be afterwards deactivated by the Zoom admin all of our automations wouldn’t work then, right? So, it’s only 1 automation where at the beginning we have the trigger webhook meeting.ended that only for a few customers does not work.

I rather meant the account settings, if there would be eventually some setting that could somehow prevent the webhook being sent to us (what would be somehow not logic to me, but still to make sure).

Thanks for further help,

Hey @pascal1,

Thank you for clarifying—I’ve just DM’d you to get some more sensitive details so that I can take a closer look for you.


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