Webhook meeting.ended not coming back

We’ve been leveraging the webhooks from Zoom to guide our application to provide particular outputs based on the webhooks received.

We follow the meeting.ended webhook, and as of today, we are not seeing any meeting.ended webhook calls in our log which is causing some issues on our end.


Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

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How the stack of webhook calls are looking in our logs for a single meeting. We record all webhook calls that are sent back.

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Hey @alex.jezior,

To confirm, are you sending back a 200 OK response after you receive a webhook?


Correct, there has been no change there. Just not receiving the webhook at all.

Hey @alex.jezior ,

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We are looking into the issue and will get back to you.


Sounds good. Thank you for your response!

I am seeing in my logs that the webhook stopped coming back as of this morning.


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Hey @alex.jezior,

Thanks for the details! Can I ask your app name / id?


App name: SA Webook v2 Production

We are experiencing the same issue. The meeting.ended webhooks were very reliable on Saturday, started becoming less reliable on Sunday, and today we have received fewer than 40% of the meeting.ended webhooks that we would expect to receive. In the past hour it may have improved somewhat to close to 50%. It is a big problem for us as well, as we drive a lot of telehealth workflow logic off meeting.ended webhooks. I would also mention that today has been by far the busiest system day in our company’s history, by a factor of 5 times, however our servers are running at 15% CPU and 25% memory today, and our New Relic Browser monitoring does not show any more than the usual small numbers of connection errors, so we don’t believe the problem is on our side. The compelling evidence for this is that we are receiving all of our expected webhooks for meeting.started, .participant_joined, .participant_left, etc. Our app ID is 26WnUtwPTD-kxXQt-d5MBA.

Hey @onemancat,

Thanks for providing these details. We are looking into this asap and will get back to you. (ZOOM-144529)


Hey @onemancat, @alex.jezior,

The issue should be fixed. We had a release early this morning.

Thanks for your patience,

Hi there,

We are not receiving webinar.ended events currently, just checking that this bug/fix includes webinar.ended?

The Webhook Call Logs on the UI not showing any webinar.ended logs.


Hey @scottTFFG, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

Yes it does include webinar.ended events. We are working on a fix, stay updated here: https://status.zoom.us/


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