No past instances of scheduled meeting ID are found + Ended scheduled meeting status is "waiting"


Meeting IDs:
I got a user’s list of scheduled meetings using this endpoint, here are some:

Ended scheduled meetings status shows as waiting issue:
Based on a staff answer here , a recurring or instant meeting type reverts to status waiting at the end.

I’m using this endpoint, /meetings/{meetingId}. The IDs above returns the meeting type as “2”, aka a scheduled meeting as expected and therefore should not revert to status waiting at end.

However, the status has become “waiting” when the meeting has already happened a week ago. That is in contrast to the staff answer.

Meeting ID’s have no instances returned by /past/meetings
I’m unable to get any meeting instances via /past_meetings/{meetingId}/instances even though an instance of the listed IDs should exist and it had more than 1 participant.

Could these two issues be related?

Thank you!

Hi @Jman ,

Was it a scheduled recurring meeting?

Are the meetings older than 30 days from when you queried this endpoint?

Hi Gianni,

It was less than 30 days old, and the meetings are a scheduled one-time meeting.

If it was a recurring meeting, would those always show as “waiting”?

Hi @Jman ,

Do you see the meeting in the portal? Could it have been deleted?

I believe if it’s recurring, it would revert to the “waiting” status after the conclusion of a recent meeting in the recurrence.