Past Meeting instances returns empty list for meeting


we use “past_meetings/{meetingid}/instances” API to get meeting instances and the getting attendance report for meeting.
Our customer is reporting that for meering it gives and empty meeting lits but the assure that the meeting has been held.

The next week, the same class atttended another meeting () and in this case we can perfectly get the attendance report via API.

Is it possibile to test id there is anything wrong?

Thank you,

Hi @fornitori,

Thanks for reaching out about this. In taking a look at the meeting in question, I’m not immediately seeing a record of this meeting having been started. I can see it was created on 3/16, but I don’t see an instance of it having been held.

Is it possible this was an instant meeting or that the host was perhaps changed since it was created?

Let me know—thanks!

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