No webhook events for common area phone

Zoom Phone webhook events not received for common area phone

No error is produced. The issue is the absence of webhook events

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
App type: Zoom Phone webhooks

Which Endpoint/s?
Zoom phone

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
To reproduce:

  1. Create a webhook app, subscribing to all events in the Zoom Phone category
  2. Configure a common area phone. Make test call.

Additional context
Thanks for taking the time to reply. This is my first post so hopefully the screenshots come out okay.

This first screenshot shows the webhook events delivered for a single inbound call, which is abandoned . The call is being made to a Zoom phone associated with a user . The event names are the “event” field of the object. The trace is a little busy because this call rings on three different devices.

If we make the exact same call (inbound call to a Zoom DDI number) to a common area phone, no webhook events are received at all - none. The common area phone is completely functional in all other respects.

However, if we call from the Zoom user’s phone to the common area phone , details of the common area’s phone appear in the zoom user’s phone’s events. But still no events for the common area phone itself. In the screenshot below the common area phone extension (999) is highlighted.

In the app feature config, I have selected every Zoom Phone event:

I have been through the documentation and can’t see where I would need to specifically configure a common area phone to generate webhooks. I apologise for wasting anyone’s time if it is there and I just haven’t found it. Hopefully someone will have come across this before and will be able to point me to where my error is.



Hi @callum.katene , please open up a support ticket here, supplying your application credentials (production client id) and a link to this thread. We will investigate further.


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