Noise occurs when startAudio

Issues when using the Video SDK

When using Zoom’s Video SDK on a MacBook Pro (Apple M1, Ventura 13.0) with Chrome (Version: 114.0.5735.106), there is a significant noise issue. The problem can be replicated with this sample code: GitHub - zoom/videosdk-web-sample: Zoom Video SDK web sample.

There isn’t a specific error message, but a noticeable noise occurs during Zoom video sessions.

Please note that this issue has only been encountered in the above environment (MacBook Pro, Apple M1, Ventura 13.0, Chrome Version: 114.0.5735.106). I have not tested other environments yet.

Any information or solutions for this issue would be greatly appreciated.

It will be reproduced when the device mode of one user is set to smartphone.(iPhone SE)

thanks for bringing this up @r.kita ,

we are looking into this right now

@r.kita ,

It appears it is an issue with the decoder on chrome 114 (and edge which is based on chromium) and above for Mac with M Series chip.

We are working with Chrome team on this, meanwhile the workaround would be to utilize safari or firefox

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