Non-repeating automatic breakout rooms

We urgently require a couple of additions to breakout rooms.

  1. Ability to set non-repeating automatic assignments to breakout rooms (and re-assignments).
    - Allows participants to have several different conversations with different participants over the course of a meeting, without the host having to manually assign different combinations every time. (same concept as round-robins). This is used for speed networking events.

  2. Ability to set number of breakout rooms by desired number of participants in each breakout room
    - Example: Host could choose breakout rooms with two participants each - 10 participants would have 5 rooms created.


As far as I am aware, Zoom accepted a request for these features in February 2018. Haven’t heard anything yet.

The reference I have is SD-319 but not sure if that is for Zoom directly or AArnet.

Hi, maybe our solution could be also interesting for you:
Its basically an automated random speed networking application. If you are interested we can show you a demo.