Breakout rooms re-assignment without duplicates

I teach a class of about 60 students, and we need to do some exercies in pairs. For that I am trying to use breakout rooms. The problem is when I need to re-assign students to a different pairs, it seems I need to recreate breakout rooms (with automatic assignment), and there’s a chance some students end up in a room with the same person they’ve already worked together. I need to do these swaps about 5 times per meeting without duplicates.

It would be nice to have a feature to automatically assign particiapnts to pre-made breakout rooms uniquely during a meeting (probably as an option in a room settings).

I thought I could use “pre-assigned participants to breakout rooms” feature to accomplish this task. If I understand correctly, I need to prepare as much CSV files with room assignments as there will be pair exercises, and have to restart meeting that many times. Seems pretty tricky and error-prone. Is there any other ways to achieve that?


This is critical. We have many clients who use Breakout Rooms and they must be able to eliminate duplicates when moving rooms.


I have this identical problem. Is there a solution? Pre-loaded CSV files won’t work in my situation.

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Chrome extension not yet on the Chrome store which achieves this functionality: ( Caveat is that the host must use the extension and run the meeting through Zoom’s web client (Chrome) rather than desktop client.

Quick update. The extension is available as a Mozilla add-on. Only the host needs to use it (not participants). Chrome has up to now rejected the extension. Online here: (