Addition of "round robin" feature to breakout rooms

Are there any updates on the addition of a “round robin” feature to breakout rooms? This would allow automatic non-repeating pairs during a meeting’s breakout sessions.

Currently we have to manually administer online speed networking events. This limits our participation as it is not realistically feasible to do this with more than 14 participants, which even then is not the best user experience. It also impacts the number of staff who are able to facilitate these sessions.

We’ve been waiting approx. two years now for this to be added, since it was first accepted to the “road map”.

This is related to 3073.

"We urgently require a couple of additions to breakout rooms.

  1. Ability to set non-repeating automatic assignments to breakout rooms (and re-assignments).
  • Allows participants to have several different conversations with different participants over the course of a meeting, without the host having to manually assign different combinations every time. (same concept as round-robins). This is used for speed networking events.
  1. Ability to set number of breakout rooms by desired number of participants in each breakout room
  • Example: Host could choose breakout rooms with two participants each - 10 participants would have 5 rooms created."

Thanks for posting @nathaniel.roberts,

Unfortunately we do not have a timeline for breakout room APIs. I apologize for the inconvenience.

In the mean time have you tried pre assigning participants to breakout rooms?


Hi Tommy,

Unfortunately pre-assigning participants to breakout rooms isn’t appropriate as there is no flexibility if an attendee doesn’t attend (which is very common with students), and as far as I am aware there can also only be one pre-assignment which would only deal with the first sort and not the subsequent sortings.

I’m sure you can understand my frustration as it is either wait for this feature indefinitely with no indicators (as it has been added to the “road map”), or spend thousands on developing new suitable software to potentially have the feature added to Zoom in the next couple of months anyway.

Kind regards,

Hey @nathaniel.roberts, I do understand your frustration.

Would you mind sharing who added it to the road map so I can track down the status of this feature?


Hi Tommy,
The original request was made through AARNET in February 2018. Unfortunately I don’t have any reference number but I believe the AARNET staff member who submitted the request was (removed name). They were advised that the feature request was added.
The most recent enquiry was handled by (removed name) in June of this year.
Many thanks,

Thanks for the details @nathaniel.roberts!

Looks like there is no update on this unfortunately, our apologies.

I have added your suggestions to a similar Breakout Room feature request, JIRA ZOOM-108111

As this forum is for questions / help related to the Zoom App Marketplace and APIs I would say to stay updated here for the status on this.