Not a developer, but want to report some bugs in zoom.x86_64 on Wayland + Nvidia + Fedora39

I found a reproducible bug when I try to share my screen or a window using the linux client. I am running Fedora 39 with an Nvidia RTX 4090 graphics card using Wayland. I am using the proprietary Nvidia drivers (545.29.06).

How to produce the bug:
If I share my screen once, screen sharing works. In the same session, if I end screen sharing and then initiate screen sharing again, I am only able to share a black screen. I must close the Zoom client and reopen it in order to share my screen. During the screen sharing, I also experience flickering of the zoom preview window and UI when I initiate screen sharing. I think this problem is specific to the linux client version, because on the web version, I do not have any issues. Please let me know if it would be helpful to upload logs. Let me know what I can do to help.