Not able to authenticate with Zoom App we created


I created one app in Zoom Marketplace and published it. It is working on production right now.
But now we have changed the redirect URI to get the auth code while authenticating with zoom. To do this i have added that redirect URI to OAuth Allowed List.

But when we tried to authenticate with app, it says Invalid redirect: (4,700)


Invalid redirect: (4,700)

Could you please help me on this issue.

Hi @hppresence.zoomapp , please try uninstalling and reinstalling locally before authorizing again with the new white listed URL.

Hi @gianni.zoom ,

I did not get you. What do you mean by uninstall and reinstall locally.


Hi @gianni.zoom ,

Could you please take it on priority as I am stuck on production issue.


Hi @hppresence.zoomapp,

I was referring to “Local Test”. After you’ve added your new “Redirect URL for OAuth” and added that link to the allow list, remove and re-add the app via “Local Test”

Please let me know if that helps! I’m also moving this question to the Zoom Apps category where a few of our other Developer Advocates specialize.