Not able to create meeting from Prod while it is working in Local

Using the create meeting api and it is working fine in local and after deploying it is throwing the below error.
The full error message or issue you are running into.
Unauthorized || {“code”:124,“message”:“Access token is expired.”}

Which App Type :JWT

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Request URL:
    2:Body :{“Uuid”:“5DVCAed6TmS5b7Zx8RRxwg==”,“Topic”:“Integrate zoom - Acadmitra”,“Type”:2,“StartTime”:“2021-05-03T09:06:20+00:00”,“Duration”:30,“Timezone”:“Asia/Calcutta”,“Password”:“12345”,“Agenda”:null,“StartUrl”:“Launch Meeting - Zoom”}

  2. Request : {
    “uuid”: null,
    “topic”: “Integrate zoom - Acadmitra”,
    “type”: 2,
    “start_time”: “2021-05-03T21:03:35.0287115+05:30”,
    “duration”: 30,
    “timezone”: null,
    “password”: “12345”,
    “agenda”: null,
    “start_url”: null,
    “join_url”: null,
    “recurrence”: null,
    “settings”: null,
    “id”: null

Error : Unauthorized || {“code”:124,“message”:“Access token is expired.”}

Hi @acadmitrademo,

How are you generating your JWT token? Based on the error you’re getting, this suggests the token’s expiration period has passed.

Do you run into the same issue when grabbing a new token from the Zoom Marketplace UI? (See the bottom of this post here for grabbing a new token and setting the expiration).

Let me know—thanks,

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