Not able to distribute my OAUTH 2 Bot application to specific user using Testable url

I am working on Zoom Bot application(OAuth app), and this application needs to be private and accessible to only specific user.

I need to give access for the Oauth (Account level) application to specific user for using it. The user who is having “Admin” privilege’s are able to authorize those, but users having “Member” roles are not able to access the app.

When “Member” use those link for authorization then the message is poped as “You cannot authorize ’ Bot name ’ beta”. “You cannot install the app because you don’t have required permission. Please contact to IT admin”.

If member are given role for Developer then they are able to authorize the same. !

How can “IT admin” can provide the access to member?.

Hey @vineet,

To grant a member Developer privileges, please see my post here:


Providing developer role to all people is not the right solution. The requirement is:

Tech team has Developer role and they have created a Zoom BOT. Now they want to distribute this BOT to other members of the organization, how this can be acheived. These people will have Member role and will not be assigned Developer role.

The BOT will be organization specific and will not be published on Zoom marketplace.

Is there a way, user with Owner/ Admin rights can install BOT at account level and all members have access to this BOT or can Admin/ Owner install the BOT on behalf of members.

Hi @axysharma ,

To clarify, Chatbots are account level apps, which means members cannot install it themselves. Rather, an account admin or owner will install it on behalf of all users under the account.

In order to authorize/install on behalf of users under the account, the admin or owner will need to initially install it account-wide. Then it will be accessible to all members.


Hi @will.zoom ,
Yes Chatbots are account level apps, only Users with admin role can Authorize and install the Bot.

But accordingly, when bot is authorized and installed by Admin, then all the users with Members roles in their contacts will be able to see the bot application in their Zoom client, but I my case none of my Members are able to see the bot application their Zoom client application.

When user with Member roles go to Market place → Manage → Installed app, they are able to see the bot status as installed, but Bot app is not visible on Zoom Client app.

Can you tell How will it be visible on Zoom Client app?

Do user need to use{robo_JID} to open bot in their zoom client every time.

Is their anything related to license type! My license type is Basic.

Thank you

Hi @vineet,

Thanks for confirming you’re on a Basic plan. You will need to be on a Pro or higher plan in order for members to see the installed chatbot in their Zoom client.

Let me know if this helps to clarify,

Hi @will.zoom ,

I have switched to Licence account and still Members are not able to access the Bot, I have installed the Bot as Admin user but still not able to access the same.

Please can you let me know where is the issue.

Thank you.

Hi @will.zoom ,

I have installed the bot, and the I unistalled the bot and still I am able to see the bot in Zoom client application.

How can i remove that bot from Zoom client app. ?

Hi @vineet,

I can see that we’ve since been in touch over email, so I will follow up with you directly there.


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