Reliably reproducible installation steps to roll out a internal-use-only chatbot to all users

We have chatbots that will not be published in the marketplace as it is for use in our company only and should be made available automatically to all users of our zoom tenant.

Chatbot scopes are user:read:admin (to get the email address of the end user interacting with the bot) and the default imchat:bot

An admin is able to install/authorize the bot. The bot works for admin user.

However, the bot does not appear to be pre-installed for all users in our tenant. The expectation is that the bot, once installed by an Admin, will automatically appear in the Bots area of the Zoom client.

We then need to circulate the publish URL to all users, and even then it appears to be hit and miss if the bot will show up in the Bot section of the desktop zoom client.

There does not appear to be a step by step guide to address the internal use only use case (there is plenty of documentation on public chatbots that are published to marketplace)

Currently we are trying this in our lab tenant which is of the Basic/Free subscription. Are there any dependencies on the type of subscription in this case?

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Hi @gauraves,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and happy to help.

I noticed that you mentioned you’re testing in a Basic/Free account, which I believe is why you’re not seeing the bot reflected in the Client for users when installed. You will need to be on a Pro or higher account to test this.

Let me know if you still have issues after upgrading,

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