Not all users are displaying when connecting with JWT credentials

We are using the WordPress Calendar plugin Amelia. It has built in Zoom Integration. It has been setup and is working well.

The plugin connects to zoom using JWT credentials, and will allow meetings to be automatically generated.

You are able to select the Zoom account from the list that is pulled from zoom, for some reason, there are a handful of users that are on our zoom account that do not show up in the plugin.

We have de-athorized the app, and reauthorized it… and the users still do not display.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

Hi @FFrancis

Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, happy to help here!
Just to confirm, have the users that are not showing up in the plugin activated their account?

Once you de-authorized the app and reauthorized it, were the same users not showing up?


Hi Elisa!
Thank you for getting back!
Yes that is correct…The same users are not displaying.
Before and After de-authorizing and re-authorizing the it.
I can provide you a list of users that I found not displaying so far.

Thank you!

Hey @FFrancis,

Apologies for the delay! Please send an email to with a link to this thread.

In that email, please include the users that are not appearing in the plugin. I’ll try to advise as to why that is. If I’m not able to see why that would be, you may need to reach out to the application developer.


Hi @MaxM! I have sent an email to, but I have not heard anything back. Is there something you need from my end?
Thank you!

Hey @FFrancis,

Sorry about that, I don’t think we’ve seen it come through. Are you able to share your ticket number? You can also submit a ticket through


Please Max I really need help. This issue is causing so many problems for our team.

We have been waiting on this for a long time… I keep providing the info to different people, and have received 0 assistance.

The original ticket opened is… 57073

This is the email that was sent:


So far this is a list of users that are not appearing in the plugin (that we know of so far),


Link to thread:

I have already reached out to the plugin developer, and they have confirmed it is on our end.

Some troubleshooting we’ve attempted: We also tried to display users using another test plugin (connecting with JWT credentials) and the same users do not appear.

We are willing to have the JWT app deleted and start with a new key if needed.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Any help on this is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Hey @FFrancis,

I’m happy to help out with this but I haven’t seen a ticket come through. Ultimately, the ticket is helpful because we can share the account details here and I’ll be able to investigate further. Are you sure you shared the full ticket ID?

If there is an issue with that ticket, please submit a ticket through our Developer Support Center and include a link to this thread.


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