Not getting chat message toast/popup

I am not getting chat message popup/toast.

Which version?
Latest version

Hi @Bert_Leatherman,

Thanks for the post. Are you using Zoom default UI or Custom UI? For Zoom default UI, I just checked our demo app, the chat message toast is there. For Custom UI, the chat bubble needs to be implemented by the developer.


What do you mean by Custom UI ? Actually we use the Zoom SDK to start the meeting with our own buttons for mic, video etc (with our toolbar)…But all other things are rendered by Zoom SDK like share screen, thumbnail video, user videos. Also when user receives chat message it is supposed to show the chat message by Zoom SDK (which was working fine in your old SDKs). Please let us know how we can receive the default chat messages which are received.

Hi Carson, thanks a lot for your reply. This is Bert, the owner of the app. The previous post was from Hardik, my developer in India, who posts under my account. Hardik, thanks for posting. I just want to underscore Hardik’s comment that before the SDK update, our iOS app was receiving chat popups through the Zoom SDK/UI, but that feature broke when we updated the SDK. Our Android app didn’t experience the issue. Can you work with Hardik to target the cause of this issue? Thank you!

Hi Bert and Hardik,

Thanks for the reply and clarifications. Based on the description, you are using Zoom default UI but adding your own toolbar on top of the meeting UI. (We have Zoom default UI and Custom UI available, the Zoom default UI is the same UI as the Zoom meeting client, the Custom UI is that the developer needs to design and develop all UI components.)

If you are using Zoom default UI, you should be able to see the chat popup. I have just checked this feature in our demo app:

Are you able to see the chat pop-up with our demo app on your device?