Not getting uid for users opening app in Breakout Room

Hi Everyone

We are trying to implement an ability for the users to be able to launch our app in a Breakout room but the issue we are facing is when the user opens the app we are not getting the uid for the user in the decrypted ZoomApp context. Please find the context we are getting:


This is a Guest user and they are invited to the app.

We are following the docs from

And it seems like there is some variance in expected values for app context that we may expect in Breakout room, but the docs mentions that we should get at least a pid for the user but we are not getting that also.

If someone can share if anyone is facing similar issue for any of your users.

I tested this on my end as a host. I saw a UID but not a PID.

[dev-server] 2022-11-30T21:50:16.826Z zoomapps-sample-js:http {
[dev-server]   theme: 'light',
[dev-server]   typ: 'meeting',
[dev-server]   uid: '[REDACTED]',
[dev-server]   aud: '[REDACTED]',
[dev-server]   iss: '',
[dev-server]   ts: 1669845016620,
[dev-server]   exp: 1669845136620,
[dev-server]   entitlements: [],
[dev-server]   mid: '[REDACTED]',
[dev-server]   attendrole: 'participant'
[dev-server] }

What version of the client are you using?