Not received webhook event "session.alert" on video sdk events

Hi team,

We have integrated your video SDK and setup a webhook for video SDK events
We received these events from your side
1- Session started
2- Session ended
3- User joined
4- User left

But we have not received “session.alert” event even when our apps disconnected from the internet completely during call.

I have two question regarding this:

1- When do you guys trigger “session.alert” event ?
2- How do guys notify us that call was successfully ended or it was ended abruptly for whatever reasons for example internet issue or packet loss ?

Kindly please answers these questions.

Hey @qazi,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. Here are the following events that trigger an alert:

The following quality metrics can trigger an alert:

  • Unstable audio quality
  • Unstable video quality
  • Unstable screen share quality
  • High CPU occupation
  • Call Reconnection

Given such, it seems if that if a specific user disconnects from the meeting due to an internet issue it won’t be covered by that event. Instead, you may want to use the leave_reason property from the session.user_left event

Let me know if that helps.


Hi @MaxM , Thank you for the answers

We tried on two above mentioned events

  1. take call on unstable internet
  2. completely disconnect internet and then reconnect after 10 to 20 seconds

But the “session.alert” event has not arrived.

Question 1) Can you please explain what could be the possible reason for this ?

Also, as you mentioned to us about “leave_reason” property in “session.user_left” event,
we have not received this in the payload whether the call was ended normally or abruptly.

We only received this data from your side on “session.user_left” event.

“event”: “session.user_left”,
“payload”: {
“object”: {
“id”: “5ZmeKPGAQeWwIEww0CHMLQ==”,
“user”: {
“id”: “16778240”,
“name”: “1429”,
“user_key”: “1429”,
“leave_time”: “2022-01-06T09:01:48Z”
“account_id”: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”
“event_ts”: xxxxxxxxx

Question 2) Could you explain why we are not getting this property from your side ?
Question 3) Cloud you please share all possible values the “leave_reason” property can take, as it was not mentioned in the documentation ?

Looking forward to your prompt response.

Hey @qazi,

Thanks for following up on this! I’ve reached out to our engineering team to see if they can provide insight here. I’m looking to see if there are any cases where this field wouldn’t be returned and what values we can expect.

I’ll get back to you when I have more info.



Hi @MaxM We are waiting for your reply. Is there any updates ?

@qazi Apologies for the delay, our engineering team identified a bug here and is working to release a fix in the future

Do you have any dates for it ? Our work has been stopped due to those webhooks.

We are still waiting for the fix

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