Not receiving events for integrated account


We have a zoom marketplace published app, (product ClientId: REDACTED)

With one of the customers who has integrated with our app and we see 72 users in the organization (Account Id :REDACTED, Zoom Provider ID: REDACTED) of which 21 of them are licensed. We are not getting any meeting.created,ended, recording events for any of the meetings for this account. We dont have any issues with other customers using Zoom, Can you please help us identify the issue here?
this is a question for Developer support team. Please forward to the appropriate team. Also can you please raise the severity on the case as this is a Production issue


Is it possible to get an update on this? this is a high priority issue. We are not receiving webhook events for this customer (using zoom Enterprise)

Hi @aruna1997 ,

Please do not share sensitive application or customer information on a public platform. I’ve redacted those items from your initial post.

For missing API events, please follow the guidance here:

Thank you!