Not receiving "recording.trashed" webhook event


We are having an issue with “recording.trashed” webhook event. Our app (App Marketplace) used for testing subscribed to 4 recording events (completed, recovered, trashed, deleted), however, under some circumstances we are not receiving “recording.trashed” event.

Below is the description of one such case.

  1. Our QA engineer creates an event in our web app (ManageBac) and links it with a Zoom meeting.
  2. He starts the meeting and records it.
  3. After the meeting is finished our app receives “recording.completed” and saves download and play URLs to show them within the ManageBac event.
  4. The QA engineer deletes the recording to trash using Admin → Account Management → Recording Management. The expected “recording.trashed” is not received.
  5. Then he goes to trashed recordings and permanently deletes the recording. Finally, The webhook event “recording.deleted” is received.

The issue is that we keep showing the download and play URLs to the trashed recording as we have no way to know the recording was put into the trash bin.

One of “recording.deleted” webhook events for which “recording.trashed” is missing:
{ “event” => “recording.deleted”,
“payload” => { “account_id” => “FGe7q57hSeC4IwzIp-sZeg”,
“operator” => “”,
“operator_id” => “dd6Xj4Q8SlmAzYcs8cKQIQ”,
“object” => { “uuid” => “Ettbu7GQSw24aF0Yl45Cmg==”,
“id” => 93428583047,
“account_id” => “FGe7q57hSeC4IwzIp-sZeg”,
“host_id” => “dd6Xj4Q8SlmAzYcs8cKQIQ”,
“topic” => “Pamoja Test 6”,
“type” => 2,
“start_time” => “2022-03-24T18:16:52Z”,
“timezone” => “Europe/London”,
“duration” => 0,
“total_size” => 450241,
“recording_count” => 2,
“share_url” => “Error - Zoom” } },
“event_ts” => 1648145977329 }

The related Zoom Support Request is

Is this a bug in Zoom webhook delivery system or there are some conditions under which the ‘recording.trashed’ event is not sent?
If the latter could you let me know about those conditions so we can issue a known limitation section describing ManageBac integration (App Marketplace) with Zoom?