Not receiving webhook

I’ve created an oauth application. Enabled event subscriptions and added an event notification URL for the recording completed event.

The app is showing as installed Manage > Installed Apps.

But when I get an email saying my recording is ready, I dont get anything sent to the event notification URL.

Is there another step I need to make after getting the access token to enable webhooks?

Many thanks

Hey @pgp,

Can you double check that you’ve installed your OAuth app using the Local Test method?
Additionally, double check that your endpoint is prepared to return a 200 OK response.

Let me know if this helps!


Thanks for the response @will.zoom

The app is installed at Local Test yes. My endpoint is prepared to return 200 but Im not getting the request.

Many thanks

Thanks @will.zoom - for some reason your response got me thinking about network and I realised it was a firewall issue on my side :man_facepalming:

Aha, the evasive firewall issue! :joy:

I’m glad you figured it out, though. Don’t hesitate to reach back out, should you have further issues!


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